Performance Motor Werks offers a wide range of services, including maintenance services, repairs, and more. 



All brake repairs begin with a thorough inspection to determine which parts or components need replacement or maintenance. Brake fluid is checked at the time of each oil change.

A/C & Heating

The Air Conditioning System is checked for leaks, Freon level and blower volume. When a leak is not detectable upon initial inspection, a dye is used to pinpoint location.

Battery and Charging System

The battery is tested for load capacity and the alternator is tested for amp/voltage output to sustain the charge of the battery. Parts are replaced as necessary.

Factory Recommended Services

Allow Performance Motor Werks to assist you in determining and following your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. Sticking to this schedule will extend the life of your car and limit future repairs. 

Fuel Systems

We will inspect and monitor, or replace the components of a fuel injection system to keep the vehicle running at optimum performance.

Oil Change

To keep your engine running at peak performance, we recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles for multi-viscosity oils and 6,000 miles for vehicles that use synthetic oil. Our technicians at Performance Motor Werks will check all fluids and top off as necessary along with a 27 point inspection during an oil change.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be an indicator of a minor complication or a more serious and expensive issue. A set of tests using an engine scan computer will locate the source of poor engine performance or running problems. The vehicle's sensors, fuel pressure and emissions systems are all checked by a highly trained ASE Technician.


There are a number of parts that make up your vehicle’s electrical system. It’s a closed circuit, complex system that uses the battery as its power source. Early signs of problems with your electrical system include difficulty starting your car, dim headlights or brake lights, the smell of melting plastic, and blown fuses. Tracing and locating shorts in the vehicle's electrical system, which includes window motors, door locks, taillights, headlights, and instrument clusters. Due to the complexity of the vehicle's electrical system, this work is best left to one of our highly trained technicians.

Steering and suspension

These systems ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable ride for you and your passengers. If you have trouble turning, hear noise when driving over bumps, or are experiencing a bouncy ride overall, contact us today to assess your vehicle. We will inspect your shocks, struts and springs for any damage and get your system working properly again.


The exhaust system diverts exhaust fumes away from your engine and reduces polluting emissions. Signs of an exhaust issue are vibrations while your car is running, loud noises coming from your exhaust pipe and decreased fuel efficiency.

Engine Repair and Maintenance

Drive Train

Investing in engine maintenance improves your vehicle's chance of lasting longer and prevents costly repairs in the future. Our team performs a variety of engine maintenance services such as filter replacements, diagnostic tests, fuel system cleaning and much more.

The drivetrain is a vehicle system responsible for delivering power from your engine to your wheels. It's a system made up of the transmission, clutch, driveshafts, drive axles and more. We are trained to repair every component of the drivetrain, resulting in a safe and smooth ride.

Performance Motor Werks offers a 2 year  (24,000 mile) warrantee on all repairs performed with OEM parts. Warrantee will vary on repairs performed with aftermarket or used parts. To find out how we can help you maintain a well-running car, call us today at 239-208-7370.