How much will it cost?

At Performance Motor Werks, we break our invoices down into parts and labor so it is clear what each section costs. Our hourly rate is $90/hour and the labor time is determined using the AllData Labor Guide, which is an industry standard. Parts vary based on the job, they are purchased according to individual need. We recommend using factory new parts but will search for other parts depending on individual need.

What is the difference between the different type of parts?

Factory New Parts or OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer These are parts that are made directly by the car manufacturer (these parts usually come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, and we will warranty work done on these parts).

After Market Parts are parts manufactured by a company other than your car manufacturer. They can produce a high volume of parts for different types of vehicles, not just a single car make and model. (These parts may also come with a warranty and we will warranty our work if we purchased parts).

Used Parts are a part that has come from a salvage yard or another vehicle used for parts. (These are not covered by warranty).

Remanufactured Parts are pre-used parts that have been remanufactured to meet or exceed original specifications. (These parts are sometimes covered by warranty, depending on the  manufacturer, based on individual basis).

Can I bring my own parts?

This is not preferred, but on individual basis can be done, depending on job and part required. We do not warranty work done with a part brought in by a customer.

Each vehicle is designed differently and locating certain types of problems or replacing parts requires disassembly of sections of the car or removal of other parts in order to get to the desired area for repair.

Why are there so many labor hours for the cost of repair?

Our technicians will let you know what is an immediate repair or if it is something you can wait on. We will give you a written estimate that is good for 30 days.  However, if it is a safety concern and you choose not to do it, you will have to sign acknowledging that we recommend it to be done and you chose not to have the repair completed.

What if I choose not to have repairs done at this time?

We try to complete each repair within a day, but it depends on part availability and repair needed. When we give the estimate we try to give you the approximate time for repairs and if for some reason it takes longer than originally planned, we will contact you and let you know.

How long will it take to complete repairs?

That depends on the purpose of the checkout. If you are having a specific problem, a fee may be charged according to extent of inspection. If you have a check engine light and we have to do a computer diagnostic scan, there will be a $90 diagnostic scan fee. If you are looking to purchase a new car and would like it inspected we start at $25.00 and can increase depending on how involved the inspection is.

Is there a charge to check out my car?

If my car is running fine, then why do I need maintenance?

Following a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle helps to prevent breakdowns and will save you on the cost of repairs in the long run.